MaxJax M6k Photos

Our purpose here is exactly what it looks like: bombard you with photos of MaxJax lifting awesome cars until you see how amazing this garage lift truly is.

If you have a truck, we have an adapter set to get under and lift that bad boy like no other portable lift can.
If you have a low-rise sports car, MaxJax is only 11.5cm tall when collapsed, so you’ll have no trouble fitting us under your chassis. To put it mildly, MaxJax excels in areas other portable lifts do not.
We hope you’re impressed by the variety of car types you see on this page, as well as the different garages.
MaxJax can be used by racers on the track or in the most humble garage surroundings.
If you’re happy with your MaxJax, don’t hesitate to show off your love! Our success is built around people like you who are truly pleased to see someone finally “gets it.”
We know you’re tired of jacks and stands, and not everyone can afford/fit a larger, more permanent lift. If you have any photo submissions of your own that you’d like to show off, we’d love for you to submit them to our Facebook or Instragram. Also you should check out our video’s!